Especially for children


Touch pools
Our exhibitions feature two touch pools: one with a rocky seabed and one with a sandy seabed. Children are allowed to get their fingers wet in these pools to touch and feel the world of interesting plants and animals hidden beneath the water's surface. Just ask the biologist if you would like to hear fascinating stories about the animals. Did you know that a crab has two penises, for instance?

At the reception, you can buy an exercise (for DKK 20) which you can complete on your way through the exhibition. This rewarding activity is vitamins for your brain!

Crab-catching competition
Check out the calendar of events online or ask at the reception to find out when the next crab catching competition will be held. This popular child activity involves the catching of crabs with a pole, bait and a bucket within a specific time interval. Who will be the Master Crab Catcher of the Day? (held during the summer only)

Underwater Tunnel
Dive down beneath the surface to walk on the sea floor amongst stone reefs, aquatic plants and mussel shoals in our underwater tunnel. Through the windows, opening out into the harbour basin, you can sea starfish, sticklebacks and other fish swimming in the vast basins inhabited by porpoises and seals.

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Fish feeding
Experience fish feeding in our basement, where turbot, plaice, sharks and other fish enjoy a delicious meal of mussels. See huge flatfish, which have been at Fjord&Bælt since the centre opened in 1997. Listen to interesting stories told by a biologist and try feeding the fish yourself.