Underwater tunnel


Experience life below sea level

Dive down beneath the sea surface and walk on the sea floor amongst stone reefs, aquatic plants and mussel shoals, in our underwater tunnel.

Looking through the windows, opening out into the harbour basin, you can sea starfish, sticklebacks and other fish swimming in the vast basins inhabited by porpoises and seals.

And naturally you can get a glimpse of Svante rushing past like a torpedo, Freja rotating in the water and other porpoises and seals close up.

The underwater tunnel is 40 metres long and you can watch bottom of the sea themed films along the way.

As the underwater tunnel’s windows open out directly to Kerteminde harbour and fjord, we cannot guarantee the visibility of the water. Some days the water is turbid, while on others it might be crystal clear.

You will find a small underwater cinema at one end of the tunnel where you can watch different films about the various animals found at Fjord&Bælt.

Undervandstunnel2   Undervandstunnel4