Practical information


A nice place to visit

We strive to make Fjord&Bælt a nice place to visit for all our visitors. We have compiled some practical information for any visitors with special needs. If, during a visit, you experience something that was unsatisfactory, please let us know. Your feedback will enable us to quickly rectify any faults or deficiencies.

General information:

info You can always call our reception on tel. (+45) 6532 4200 or send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. This e-mail address is protected against software collecting e-mail addresses. JavaScript must be activated on your computer to be able to see the address. You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions about your upcoming visit to Fjord&Bælt.
parkering Fjord&Bælt’s parking lot holds about 50 vehicles. The parking lot is located next to the main entrance. In the summer, when the centre has a lot of visitors, these spaces are often occupied. However, there are several other parking options near Fjord&Bælt. There are almost always vacant spaces behind Kerteminde Town Hall (Rådhus), and these spaces are free of charge and have unlimited parking. These spaces are 200 - 300 metres from the main entrance of Fjord&Bælt. The town hall is the brown building at the traffic junction Northeast of Fjord&Bælt.
handicap Fjord&Bælt is designed to enable wheelchair users access to the entire centre. But there are some tight corners around our interesting exhibitions, where a little patience is required. There are elevation differences in many parts of the building, which prevent direct accessibility by wheelchair. But these same areas are always accessible from a different direction. The handicap toilet is located on the first floor and is accessible by taking the lift. There is access to the aquarium basement and the underwater tunnel by lift. Finding your way around the centre can be a little challenging. Needless to say, our staff is always ready to lend a helping hand! Please note that admission is free for one assistant per wheelchair user/blind person. It is possible for people with walking difficulty to borrow a wheelchair.
barnevogn For our youngest visitors – in other words if you still wear a nappy and occasionally have to be wheeled around in a pushchair – we have pushchairs and carrying slings that we lend out to your mum and dad, free of charge. It is also possible to access the centre, if you bring your own pushchair or pram. If you need to have your nappy changed, there is a changing room in one of the toilets in the reception area and on the first floor. If you are an infant, there are soft recliners in several areas of the exhibitions where your mum can sit comfortably when you want to nurse.
madpakke Most people work up an appetite after a long, activity-packed visit to Fjord&Bælt. In the summer months, visitors are welcome to enjoy their packed lunch at our outdoor tables and benches. On the first floor, there is a large indoor lunchroom where you can eat your packed lunch while enjoying the view across the harbour. This is particularly ideal for school classes to use.
rygning Smoking is not permitted in the buildings of Fjord&Bælt nor in the outdoor area near the porpoises and seals. Smoking is permitted at the outdoor café on the waterfront.
hund Out of consideration for our marine mammals, dogs are not allowed on the premises of Fjord&Bælt. However, we have set up hooks for the dogs at the main entrance, where your dog can lie in the shade. We will also make sure to provide a bowl of fresh water. Please contact the reception if there is no fresh water for your dog.
affald We are keenly aware of ensuring that everything is clean and tidy throughout Fjord&Bælt and we clean our toilets twice a day. In case you discover something that is not clean, please inform our staff of this and they will see to it that the cleaning is done right away. All the trash bins in the exhibition areas, and outdoors at Fjord&Bælt, are organised so you can sort paper and cardboard from other refuse. Please help us to do this correctly.