Special exhibition: “Life In Death 2.0” – All day

10. februar - 30. november 2022
In a dramatic setup, we follow how a marine mammal is slowly (but surely!) Devoured by the sea scavengers ... the crabs, starfish and other invertebrates.

Looking back: We write 2019. The two biologists Jeppe Kaczmarek and Ditte Bølle Jespersen sit in an office and talk about how death is a prerequisite for life in nature. Here arises the idea of ​​creating a universe where this, one of life’s most important prerequisites, can be told in the exhibition at Fjord&Bælt.

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A few months later, Fjord&Bælt opens the special exhibition Life in Death. A special aquarium has been created, which is closed in its own system and with its own treatment plant. A dead seal is immersed in the aquarium, which must now be eaten by small sea animals. Just like it happens in nature.

As the seal goes into decay and becomes a meal, we see how the seal’s bones become visible until, finally, there are clean skeletons left. And the audience followed. Some had a one-time experience. Others came again and again and experienced the development week by week.

Common to all is that they came home with an important story about how life is connected.

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Fjord & Belt now repeats the success and reopens the fascinating dissemination project. This time, the audience experiences how a harbour porpoise goes through the process until the animal appears as a purebred skeleton all the while the communicators tell about how the process takes place.

The exhibition is entitled LIFE IN DEATH 2.0 and opens on 10 February 2022