See animals at close range and experience the staging of elk, musk ox, whale skeletons and birds in a natural theatre with light, sound and film. Dive down into the deep blue universe with the giants of the sea. Pet the small brown bear, hear the roar of the stag and stand face to face with polar bears, wolves and wild boars. Look up into the skies at the fascinating sight of more than 500 birds.


Modern technology that goes hand in hand with classic natural history.


The Mission of Naturama is to inspire you to preserve nature.

Naturama has a long history as a natural history museum. Founded in 1935 by Harald Thomsen the museum quickly became the 3rd largest exhibition focusing on the history of nature in Denmark.

In 2005 the museum was rebuilt and launched as a modern center that offers a more diverse and interactive experience.

Today Naturama offers a broad line-up of presentations from the large collection of stuffed animals that includes sea mammals as well as animals on land and in the air. And for every season special exhibitions are presented to ensure that a visit to Naturama always presents a new angle to nature and pushes the border for what a natural history museum can offer.

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