The magical blue universe

1. februar 2020 - 31. december 2022
Get really close to sea animals. Learn about jellyfish and be challenged by various interactive items. Get at eye level with the skeleton of a giant sperm whale, and try your hand at the whales' fascinating senses and abilities. or.....

……. watch the fascinating movies about the sea on giant screens where you can sit and get the feeling of yourself being below the surface.

The exhibitions consist of different rooms where you can immerse yourself in different topics.
Pervasive for Fjord & Belt’s exhibitions are our mixing basins, where you get a unique opportunity to get up close to sea animals. Fjord & Belt wants to ensure that everyone comes home with wet hands, as we believe that in this way you achieve the biggest and most intense experience – and hopefully ultimately feel like taking care of the sea and not least the animals that live in it.