Underwater tunnel – The sea around us

Dive under the sea surface and experience the magical life in the underwater tunnel ......

In the underwater tunnel you go below the sea surface. The water outside the windows is real seawater from the Great Belt and Kerteminde Fjord, which is driven back and forth by the tide. If you look closely, you can see if it is becoming high tide or low tide, which way the current is flowing.

There is also plenty of life outside the windows. The seals drown past the windows while looking for fun things down at the bottom. The habour porpoise need a little more patience to watch, but if you’m lucky you can see them chasing small fish while standing vertically up and down just outside the windows.

But now that the seal and harbour porpoise basins outside the tunnel are actually real sea, there are of course other animals as well. There are fish, sea anemones, shrimp, crabs and many others. It is different which animals you can see throughout the year, as the animal and plant life in the sea also varies with the seasons.

In the exhibition in the tunnel, you can hear much more about life, you can see outside the windows, try to “dive” with the seals and harbour porpoise and hear a herring farting.