Why research?

Seals, porpoises, fish, cormorants, sharks... Many of the animals at Fjord&Bælt are trained every day to participate in various research experiments. The primary aim of the research is to learn more about the animals’ senses and behaviour, as the research results make it possible to improve their living conditions in the wild.

Watch the whole process live

Every day you can watch trainers and biologists actually working with the animals, and you are there on the sidelines as the various experiments take shape. Our entire training programme is based on positive reinforcement, i.e. rewarding the animals for desirable behaviour and simply ignoring undesirable behaviour. This means that the animals are never punished and therefore  participate voluntarily.

Information promotes understanding

To give you a proper insight into the research process, Fjord&Bælt’s trainers and biologists are always willing to give you a natural explanation and fascinating narrative that can seem entertaining and compelling – and possibly make you a little wiser.

Get up close

The information provision at Fjord&Bælt is often supported by an “up-and-close” experience to stimulate all your senses. Pat a crab, tickle a starfish or touch a flatfish – let your own body experience the magical marine world hidden beneath the waves. Whether young or old, you will have memorable experiences that will enrich your life and expand your knowledge.